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SwyxWare Server

Swyx Configuration PlannerEnglish516 kB
Swyx Configuration Planner (Online)Englishonline
Swyx Control CenterEnglish1 MB
Swyx Control Center (Online)Englishonline
Swyx ISDN SX2 DualPRI QuickstartEnglish191 kB
Swyx ISDN SX2 QuadBRI QuickstartEnglish221 kB
Swyx ISDN SX2 SinglePRI / DualPRI Express QuickstartEnglish144 kB
Swyx ISDN SX2 SinglePRI QuickstartEnglish170 kB
Swyx Visual Groups Administrator & User DocumentationEnglish1 MB
SwyxDECT 500English2 MB
SwyxDECT 700English2 MB
SwyxDECT 700 Site Planning and Measurement GuideEnglish2 MB
SwyxDECT 800English808 kB
SwyxExpress Quickstart (all variants)French188 kB
SwyxWare Administrator DocumentationEnglish17 MB
SwyxWare Administrator Documentation (Online)Englishonline
SwyxWare Integration with Microsoft TeamsEnglish135 kB
SwyxWare Integration with Mobile ConnectEnglish214 kB

SwyxWare Client

Remote Inquiry QuickstartFrench46 kB
Swyx Call Routing Manager (Online)Englishonline
Swyx Extended Call RoutingEnglish3 MB
Swyx Extended Call Routing (Online)Englishonline
Swyx MeetingFrench277 kB
Swyx Meeting (Online)Frenchonline
Swyx Skin EditorFrench669 kB
SwyxFax ClientFrench1 MB
SwyxFax Client (Online)Frenchonline
SwyxIt!French8 MB
SwyxIt! (Online)Frenchonline
SwyxIt! MobileEnglish3 MB
SwyxIt! Mobile for Symbian QuickstartEnglish272 kB
SwyxIt! Mobile for Windows Mobile QuickstartEnglish437 kB
SwyxIt! Mobile Functioncodes QuickstartEnglish50 kB
SwyxIt! QuickstartFrench224 kB
SwyxWare Phonebook (Online)Frenchonline


SwyxON Administrator DocumentationEnglish694 kB
SwyxON Administrator Documentation (Online)Englishonline

Next Generation Clients

Swyx Desktop for Mac OS (Online)Englishonline
Swyx Mobile 1.x for iOS (Online)Englishonline
Swyx Mobile for Android (Online)Englishonline


SwyxIt! Handset P280French174 kB
SwyxPhone D200 QuickstartFrench121 kB
SwyxPhone D210 QuickstartFrench7 MB
SwyxPhone D300 QuickstartFrench130 kB
SwyxPhone D310/D311 QuickstartFrench104 MB
SwyxPhone D510 QuickstartEnglish156 kB
SwyxPhone D565 QuickstartEnglish380 kB
SwyxPhone D710 QuickstartFrench167 kB
SwyxPhone D750 QuickstartFrench156 kB
SwyxPhone D765 QuickstartFrench156 kB
SwyxPhone D843 QuickstartEnglish125 kB
SwyxPhone D863 QuickstartEnglish126 kB
SwyxPhone L615 Labeling Template (Word 2003 and older)English69 kB
SwyxPhone L615 Labeling Template (Word 2007)English49 kB
SwyxPhone L615 Labeling Template Keymodule (Word 2003 and older)English82 kB
SwyxPhone L615 Labeling Template Keymodule (Word 2007)English63 kB
SwyxPhone L62 Labeling Template (DOCX)English49 kB
SwyxPhone L62 Labeling Template (PDF)English766 kB
SwyxPhone L62 QuickstartFrench274 kB
SwyxPhone L64 Labeling Template (DOCX)English85 kB
SwyxPhone L64 Labeling Template (PDF)French749 kB
SwyxPhone L64 QuickstartFrench231 kB
SwyxPhone L640 Labeling TemplateEnglish190 kB
SwyxPhone L640 Labeling Template (Word 2003 and older)English174 kB
SwyxPhone L640 Labeling Template (Word 2007)English61 kB
SwyxPhone L66 QuickstartFrench242 kB
SwyxPhone L6x User DocumentationEnglish7 MB
SwyxPhone L6xxFrench3 MB
SwyxPhone L6xx QuickstartEnglish938 kB
Yealink CP920 Quickstart (for SwyxWare from 12.11)French212 kB
Yealink CP960 Quickstart (for SwyxWare from 12.11)French295 kB
Yealink T41S Quickstart (for SwyxWare from 12.10)French384 kB
Yealink T42S Quickstart (for SwyxWare from 12.10)French378 kB
Yealink T46S Quickstart (for SwyxWare from 12.10)French391 kB
Yealink T48S Quickstart (for SwyxWare from 12.10)French408 kB
Yealink T4xS Quickstart (for SwyxWare until 12.00)French317 kB
Yealink T53/T53W QuickstartFrench156 kB
Yealink T54W QuickstartFrench157 kB
Yealink T57W QuickstartFrench172 kB