Case Study: ShoppingTV

Getting LIVE in late 2005 for the first time, ShoppingTV is the highly leading live shopping channel of Turkey broadcasting to more than 1,3 billion people, covering the region – stretching from West Europe to the Turkish speaking East Asia. Being the unique interactive and live shopping channel, ShoppingTV owns 550.000 customers with 300.000 calls per month (as the beginning of year 2008) and those values are constantly rising.

ShoppingTV turns shopping into entertainment by applying its patented LIVE auctions such as descending price auction - ascending price auction - variable price auction - special auctions etc.


ShoppingTV utilises IVR and Call Center solutions accoupled with a LIVE TV broadcast. The customers reach ShoppingTV through it’s dedicated fixed and mobile lines and are welcomed by the IVR system where they can buy the products which are LIVE on auction on the TV. ShoppingTv carries a big customer database and monitors each calling customer’s information on the screen and when the customer buys a product, she/he is being transferred to the call center to finalise the purchasing process (credit card approval, database enterance, customer complaints etc.)

The Solution

ShoppingTV was already utilising some IVR and Call Center solutions however they were not flexible to adopt new auction scenarios and to add new parameters to the system was highly time consuming. On top of that the existing systems call processing capacity was not sufficient in such a growing environment. With the advent of Swyx all the existing and new auction scenarios has been prepared by ECR module in a professional way. After switching to Swyx the efficiency of the process- effective immediately - increased by 20% commented the ShoppingTV management.

Installation in Detail

  • Windows 2003 Server
  • SwyxWare 6.0 – 100 Users Licence (ECR, Monitor, Record, Voicemail, Standbye)
  • Detailled ECR Scenarios for sales auctions
  • 500 VoiceChannels on 4 SwyxGate Servers with PRI lines (expected to reach 1000 in short turn)