Case Study: Friend James

Accountancy firm expands with user-friendly and scalable VoIP phone system

Organisation: Friend James (

After taking on additional office space following a merger with a sole practitioner, Brighton-based chartered accountants Friend James required a new telephone system that could easily be extended to its new site. Already a valued Trident customer, the firm tasked the Swyx reseller with providing a creative and cost-effective solution.

The challenge: Complexity & cost of extending traditional phone system at a second office
Faced with the complexity and costs of extending its traditional telephone system to a new, second office, Friend James called in Trident to come up with a more flexible and cost-effective solution. 

They were looking for a single, seamless voice communications network for staff in both their offices that would integrate neatly with their newly upgraded infrastructure and provide them with the flexibility to expand easily in the future.

The solution  
Having reviewed Friend James’ needs, Trident recommended they switch to a VoIP phone network. This would provide staff at both their offices with a streamlined, web-based voice communications system that they could easily manage and configure for themselves and which would allow calls to be easily transferred between each office. 

Going down the VoIP route would also mean they could preserve their recent investment in new hardware and software, reducing the costs of installation. With these advantages in mind, Trident invited the client to a free demonstration of Swyx, its preferred software-based IP system, at its offices. 

Customised specifically for small and mid-sized companies, this world-class system met the client’s needs for flexibility, economy and ease-of-use head on. Having seen Swyx in action, the client was suitably impressed, particularly by its ability to display the names of people who were available to take calls in their second office.

Trident set about installing Swyx at the client’s two offices. The Swyx server runs on a Windows Server 2008 operating system and as a result, Trident was able to integrate its software administration into the company’s existing Microsoft management console.

Features & Benefits – Reduced maintenance costs, flexible and easy to manage 
This enables staff to easily add or remove Swyx users in a few clicks, and put other changes and software upgrades into practice quickly and easily. By allowing staff to make these modifications and scale the system as and when they wanted the client avoids the need to arrange and wait for the engineer visits required by traditional telephone systems, missing out on costly fees and delays in the process.

The client was delighted with the result - an efficient, flexible and easily manageable web based voice network, which is simple to adapt to changing needs and dovetails with its upgraded network to take full advantage of its investment. 

While the client currently uses an ISDN telephone connection for external calls, Swyx also now gives the option to adopt a modern SIP connection to cut redirection charges whenever it wants. 

In addition, they also have the freedom to integrate Swyx into a virtualised environment in the future, using server consolidation to reduce their hardware and energy costs and ensure higher availability. 

There are indirect benefits, too. As an existing customer of Trident’s IT support services, the client’s new Swyx system is automatically covered under their existing IT support contract. This means they don’t have to pay for extra maintenance support and that the new system benefits from the same four-hour Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as their IT.

Summary of key benefits

  • Single, seamless, cost-efficient VoIP network harnesses value of client’s existing IT network
  • Easy-to-configure, web-based system allows staff to add and remove users at will without bringing telephone engineers onsite
  • Futureproof, flexible platform that can be easily integrated into virtualised IT environment in the future

Final Word 
"Swyx has been incredibly useful especially its integration into Outlook and the ability to seamlessly work remotely via a VPN, answering the office number whilst working from home without affecting the client’s experience. This proved to be extremely useful during the snow last year when it was too treacherous to get to the office."

Stewart Forster, Director