Case Study: DeLaMar Theatre creates flexibility with Swyx IP telephony

The DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam opened its doors on November 28th 2010. The new theatre was built on a historic site. Already in 1840, citizens of Amsterdam came to this location to meet each other in the Concordia and Bellevue clubs. Later, a theatre was built that served the public for over fifty years. It was called The New DeLaMar Theatre. In recent years, it was fully renewed by the Joop van den Ende Foundation and renamed DeLaMar Theatre. For its telephony, the theatre deploys the SwyxWare IP telephony platform. ICT specialist and Swyx partner VBVB installed the system.

Before the opening of the building in November 2010, Rob Galdermans, facility manager at the theatre, started an orientation on a new telephony platform for the DeLaMar Theatre. "We evaluated four systems. Two were traditional analogue systems and two were based on IP telephony. In the end, we selected IP telephony, as this technology is more future proof and more flexible. IP telephony is based on software that is better adaptable to new circumstances than traditional analogue systems." From the remaining two IP systems, the DeLaMar Theatre selected SwyxWare. This platform met the theatres requirements best, as it supports flexible call routing and alarms that can be read via DECT. In addition, the theatre could profit from VBVB’s expertise, which also installed the theatre’s new ICT systems.


VBVB installed SwyxWare which provides much flexibility. SwyxWare is a software-based IP telephony system that runs on a Microsoft® Windows® Server-platform. As the DeLaMar Theatre was a new organization, processes and procedures were not fully established yet. This meant that initial choices, for example on routing calls to a voice mail box or the reception, could easily be reconsidered. "The main advantage of IP telephony is the quick allocation of a telephone set to a new employee," said Galdermans. "These changes are easily handled by simply connecting a set and register the user. Also, the characteristics of a set are easily stored, for example if a set is only to be used for internal calls or also for external calls. Internal routing is another useful feature." Among others, the theatre has a link with an external ticket office which automatically takes over when the lines to the theatres are clogged.


The DeLaMar Theatre has hired VBVB for managing the systems. A specialist from this Swyx-partner drops by every month for maintenance activities. In addition, VBVB has remote access to the system. "IP telephony has many extra features, compared to traditional telephony", stressed Galdermans. "It is very important to define which features you need. Also, the adaptability of these systems is very important."