Case Study: Classic Fine Foods

Fine food distributor improves productivity of customer service and sales team  

Company: Classic Fine Foods (


Classic Fine Foods (CCF) is a purveyor and distributor of fine food to 5* hotels and high-end restaurants including airlines, social clubs, cruise lines, supermarket chains, department and delicatessen stores.  A leading multinational importer and distributor, the company sources and procures high-end fine food products such as dairy, meat, pastry, gastronomies, seafood, high quality perishables, condiments, pasta and dry products. 

The Company operates in 11 markets across the globe and is the market leader in the majority of the countries where the Company is active. 

Through close partnership with its suppliers, the company can deliver on demand, the highest quality of perishable, fresh and pastry products direct to the customer.

The challenge: Office move prompted search for new phone system

Branch Manager at Classic Fine Foods, Benoit Gomot explains, "We were looking to move our customer service, sales and warehousing facility to Birmingham, so we needed to find a new phone system for managing both outbound and inbound service and sales calls.”

Key communications challenges included:

  • Sales & Service staff need extra mobility to handle calls from customers and suppliers
  • Move away from expensive and old-fashioned BT system  

 The solution –  A software-based unified communications that would offer greater functionality and flexibility 

“We spoke with our existing IT provider LeadingEdge for their advice on a new phone system.  They recommended the software-based unified communications solution Swyx because unlike a traditional phone system it could be customised to the exact needs of our business. Also it was cheaper than our old BT system.”   says Benoit

Features & Benefits - 'Greater staff mobility whilst on the phone and direct dialling from screen’

"Since Leading Edge installed the solution we have had a really positive reaction from all staff.  For the sales and service team who spend most of the day making or receiving calls, it’s now a lot easier and faster for them to use than our previous solution." 

Rather than desk phones, all of CFF’s sales and service staff now use headsets in conjunction with Swyx’s softphone client.

With Swyx’s in-built functionality, the sales & service team can highlight and click any number on-screen which saves time in looking up and dialling numbers or avoiding mis-dialled calls, plus they can also walk around the stock facility to check on what goods are available in the warehouse whilst on a call.  

“Using wireless headsets means that staff now have free hands to type in or access information or look through catalogues, making it much more comfortable and convenient for our staff to service the needs of customer and suppliers,” says Benoit.

Classic Fine Foods also uses Swyx’s voicemail facility for out-of-hours so messages are automatically emailed to staff who can play back the voice file. “For example we often have chefs call us after 4.30, so it gives them the facility to leave their request so we can then respond to them as soon as the office re-opens,” says Benoit.

“Overall we are really pleased with the Swyx system together with the support and service we have received from Leading Edge. The new solution has been well received by staff and helps us facilitate more sales and provide even better service to our customers,” concludes Benoit.

Summary of key benefits

  • Faster Service & Sales 
  • Complete hands-free mobility  
  • Phone system is cheaper to run and maintain
  • Increased productivity
  • Out-of-hours cover