Authorised Swyx Resellers

Swyx Partners are certified network or telecommunication retailers which have been trained by Swyx and therefore are authorised to distribute Swyx products. Their skills allow them to support users as well in technical as in sales matters:

Partner is Swyx Silver Partner

Heldele GmbH

Uferstraße 40-50

73084  Salach (Württ)


Phone: 07162 4002-0

Fax: 07162 4002-200

Email: salach[at]



Winfried Kußler
Vertrieb Kommunikation
Email: winfried-kussler[at]
Phone: 07162 4002-257
Fax: 07162 4002-200

Patrick Müller
Vertrieb Kommunikation
Email: patrick-mueller[at]
Phone: 07162 4002-268
Fax: 07162 4002-200

Gerd Seiert
Vertrieb Kommunikastionstechnik
Email: g.seiert[at]
Phone: +49 721 94004 670
Fax: +49 721 94004 6870

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