Swyx Blog (en) https://swyx.com/ Everything Swyx en-gb Swyx Solutions GmbH Tue, 01 Dec 2020 12:26:59 +0100 Tue, 01 Dec 2020 12:26:59 +0100 TYPO3 EXT:news news-1002 Mon, 14 Sep 2020 15:18:26 +0200 One click only to start a new online meeting https://swyx.com/blog/one-click-only-to-start-a-new-online-meeting.html The new Swyx Version 12.20 provides numerous functions to integrate online meetings with Swyx Meeting even more into the communication. The new Swyx Version 12.20 provides numerous functions to integrate online meetings with Swyx Meeting even more into the communication. For this purpose there is a new button in Swyx Messenger to start a web conference directly from a chat. The person who is invited receives a notification via chat and can thus enter the meeting immediately with a click of the mouse. This makes it much easier to start a telephone call or web conference in a chat to discuss further details.

When participants enter the waiting room of a Swyx Meeting conference room, the moderator now also receives a Windows notification. This saves time when participants are late and leaves the opportunity to do other things in the meantime.

More features in Swyx Messenger

In addition to the interaction with Swyx Meeting, Swyx Messenger has been given further new functions. The new version supports the sending of pictures and files. Calls can also be started directly from a chat. In addition to the terminal server or RDS support, the user interface of the Messenger can now also be used in Italian, Dutch and French. Furthermore, there are numerous improvements in usability.

Better support for terminal devices

With version 12.20, the feature pack for certified SIP phones now supports Yealink conference phones and call signaling can be configured between internal and external calls. The SwyxIt! Windows client can be used with standard USB and Bluetooth headsets.

Further details can be found in the included release notes. The new version is available to customers with Software Update Plan or Swyx Update Service.

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news-993 Thu, 13 Aug 2020 13:59:30 +0200 Make online meetings more interactive https://swyx.com/blog/make-online-meetings-more-interactive.html Swyx Meeting now with conference sticker and display of the active speaker Swyx Meeting now with conference sticker and display of the active speaker

Especially in the current situation and the associated shift of work to the home office, the effectiveness of online meetings is becoming increasingly important. That's why we are now making meetings with Swyx Meeting even more user-friendly and above all more interactive.

Make meetings more interactive with Sticker 

The first important extension of Swyx Meeting are the Meeting Stickers. Stickers and emojis already give us the opportunity to express our opinions and feelings in many situations of digital life. So why not use this type of communication for online meetings? 

Meeting stickers help participants to be more active in a meeting and not just the keynote speaker or host communicating. Interactivity through non-verbal contributions also helps guests stay more alert and less distracted from the meeting as they are more integrated and encouraged to interact. 

It's also easier for the presenter to keep track of who is trying to say something, rather than having to watch multiple video images or follow the chat dialogue. The display of stickers is centrally located so that participants' reactions and messages are easily seen and transmitted live for seven seconds. They can then be pinned on to remain visible for longer. 

Examples of stickers in action:

  • Urgent questions or the need to leave the meeting, but you don't want to interrupt the conversation? Raise your "hand".
  • The moderator gives everyone a task. Place a "check mark" when they have completed the task.
  • Do you want to agree to the proposed item? Communicate this with the "thumbs up" sticker.  
  • Does the moderator want to give the floor to the guest speaker? Click on the "no discussion" icon.

In addition to a standard package of stickers, there are a number of additional packages specially designed for popular working methods, such as Agile, Scrum and Holacracy.

Usability improved - with the "Active Speaker" display

The "Active Speaker" function makes the speaking person appear larger than the video images of the other participants. This optimizes the transfer of information to the rest of the audience and offers the participants visual variety. 

More new functions will follow

Many more features will follow in the coming months, including presence status integration and the associated ability to adjust their reachability during a videoconference, bandwidth optimization, further integrations and a redesigned user interface. 

Continued success in your online meetings with Swyx Meeting!

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news-985 Fri, 26 Jun 2020 11:10:00 +0200 Hosting Swyx Meeting web conferences - Best practice recommendations and safety hints https://swyx.com/blog/hosting-swyx-meeting-web-conferences-best-practice-recommendations-and-safety-hints.html helpful tips and hints for a successful meeting with Swyx. As a meeting host you can define and change the access data and behaviour of your virtual meeting room in Swyx Meeting at any time, after you have logged in with your username and password to meeting.swyx.com.

The web invite link using your room code

The Meeting room is set up and reachable by a unique numeric room code. This URL invite link is convenient for guests that would like to join using a web browser, but also guests using phone dial-in with audio only need this room code. For dial-in information refer to the dial-in section.

Sample link format: meeting.swyx.com/meeting/MEETINGID

Note: The room code can be changed at any time by the host to a new randomly and irrevocably set new room code, by just one click within the room settings page after host login. A changed room code is valid after the host logs off and in again. The meeting room can no longer be reached by web browser or dial-in access using the previous room code.

If only the room code is changed, the room can still be reached via the web link with the room name. Your dial-in guests must also receive the information about the new room code – refer to the dial-in invite section.

The web invite link with your room name

In addition to the room code, the meeting room is also accessible by using an alphanumeric room name which is often simple to remember. The host can change the room name at any time within the room settings page after host login. The system ensures that a room name is unique within the Swyx Meeting system. The room name can be used in invitation links as an alternative to the invitation link with the room number. Please note that an invite link with the room name cannot be used by dial-in guests as they need the room code, refer to the hints on dial-in.

Sample link format: meeting.swyx.com/meeting/ROOMNAME

Note: If only the room name is changed, the room can still be reached via the web link with the room code. Your dial-in guests can still reach the room if the room code remains unchanged.

The dial-in invite for access via phone

The dial in numbers to the Swyx Meeting service are local to many countries and can be shared together with brief instructions how to login using the room code for dial-in by the host as a separate URL invite link. The host can pick this Link from the Meetings settings page. The room code itself is the same for both, dial-in and for web access.

Sample link format: meeting.swyx.com/dialin/MEETINGID

Note: If a meeting room code gets changed, the dial in users would need to receive the new room code as well to join again.

The waiting room

The virtual guest waiting room is enabled for each meeting by default. All guests will be placed in the waiting room until the host has logged in and accepts each guest to join the meeting room. Optionally, as the host you can configure that guests can directly join your meeting room with bypassing the waiting room. At any time during a meeting you can also change this again and lock your meeting room. Any later guest will then be placed again in the waiting room and needs the host approval for joining the meeting. Of course, you can also remove people from your waiting room as well as from your meeting room.

Practical recommendations in a meeting

It is recommended to use the Swyx Meeting waiting room to ensure only guests you accept join your meeting room. This is the default setting. If you grant access for all guests e.g. in the first minutes when a meeting starts by enabling "Accept automatically", you might consider locking the meeting room after the intended guests have been accepted by disabling "Accept automatically" again. Any further guests will be placed in your waiting room instead your meeting room again.

The host can enable sound notifications (within the settings dialogue) to get notified by a tone if a guest e.g. arrives in your waiting room, leaves your meeting, or requests screen share. Regardless the sound notification setting the host is also to see a marker in the browser page headline which also indicate such events.

As a host you can also mute audio for all your guests with one click in the settings dialogue (e.g. if you run a presentation to some listening audience). The host is also able to disable all guest videos (e.g. to save network traffic and reduce bandwidth use).

Ending a meeting

If the host ends a meeting using “end meeting” (logs off guests and keeps the host logged in) instead “leave meeting” (logs off guests and the host), any uploaded files from the previous meeting session will remain. The host can verify the files in the files upload section and decide for each one to keep or delete it before a new meeting is started. If you end the meeting using “leave meeting” uploaded files will be removed.

If you just close the Swyx Meeting browser window (by intention or by accident), the meeting session will remain for 60 sec for your guests and they are informed that you lost connection and you as the host can re-join in this time frame to directly continue your meeting with your guests. After this time frame the guests will be logged off.

It is recommended to always end the meeting session by using the “end meeting” or “leave meeting” buttons.

Additional information:


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news-988 Tue, 23 Jun 2020 13:24:00 +0200 Enreach at the digital event SmartCom Summit https://swyx.com/blog/enreach-at-the-digital-event-smartcom-summit.html Discover the latest trends in Smart Communications In the past months we all had to adapt to a new way of working and living. Remote working has become the new normal, with communications providers constantly upgrading their services to meet the increasing needs of collaboration at distance.  

SmartCom Summit couldn’t come at a better time. It’s the digital event that gathers international industry leaders and experts in the field of communications and collaborations sharing their view on the digital acceleration caused by the Corona pandemic. The Summit will focus on the Smart Communications 2020 Trend Report, which expands on the following 5 trends: Work Anywhere, Smart Everything, Cloud & APIs, CPaaS and Broadband.

We are therefore proud to contribute to SmartCom Summit by sharing our experience and vision. Join Enreach’ CEO Stijn Nijhuis on June 30th, from 15:00 to 16:30 CET, at the talk shows on Work Anywhere and Cloud & APIs.

Learn more about the SmartCom Summit: smartcomsummit.com

You can request your free ticket under the following link, if you enter the code "enreachguest": https://smartcomsummit.com/buy-ticket/

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news-982 Tue, 16 Jun 2020 15:15:00 +0200 Swyx Meeting now with up to 25 video participants in grid view https://swyx.com/blog/swyx-meeting-now-with-up-to-25-video-participants-in-grid-view.html The cloud service now offers new functions and thus even more possibilities to improve collaboration in companies. The cloud service now offers new functions and thus even more possibilities to improve collaboration in companies.

The new grid view shows up to 25 videos simultaneously on the screen during a meeting. This allows all participants to see each other throughout the entire meeting. Depending on the number of participants, the format of the videos is optimally displayed. Users can also flexibly decide by "drag and drop" which video they want to see where. If a participant who is not transmitting video speaks, the name and an icon are displayed on the screen instead.

In addition, the "active speaker" view will be available soon, showing the video of the currently speaking participant in full screen mode. This view is particularly suitable for one-to-one conversations and meetings with few participants, while the grid view is ideal for meetings with many participants.

For more detailed information, please read our press release.

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news-968 Mon, 06 Apr 2020 12:30:00 +0200 New Swyx Version 12.10 improves teamwork and customer service https://swyx.com/blog/new-swyx-version-1210-improves-teamwork-and-customer-service-1.html The newest version 12.10 is now available and offers an improved messenger and much more. The newest version 12.10 is now available and offers an improved messenger and much more.

With improved support for certified Yealink end devices, version 12.10 enables so-called hot desking and much more.

The latest version 1.5 of Swyx’s VisualGroups queue management tool now also offers additional features and more options to increase efficiency and service quality in the management of high call volumes. These include a callback function to improve customer satisfaction, the ability to categorize calls by manually assigning keywords and the optional deactivation of call distribution.

In addition, Swyx offers a new licensing model with the Basic, Professional and Premium function profiles introduced as part of the Swyx Flex rental model now also available for purchase.

For more detailed information, please read our press release.

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news-965 Thu, 02 Apr 2020 10:43:11 +0200 Duncan Ward appointed CEO of Network Telecom https://swyx.com/blog/duncan-ward-appointed-ceo-of-network-telecom.html Network Telecom, an Enreach company just like Swyx, welcomes a new CEO Network Telecom, a leading telecommunications provider in the UK and part of Enreach like Swyx, has appointed Duncan Ward as Chief Executive Officer, effective 1st April 2020. He succeeds Martin Deane who served as interim CEO and will resume in his role as CFO in Network Telecom’s Management Team.

Duncan Ward has more than 25 years of experience in the IT and telecommunications industry and has held various management positions in ICT companies in the course of his career. As CEO of Network Telecom, he will focus on ensuring the company’s continued success and growth as well as furthering the integration into Enreach in order to create even more synergies within the group. Network Telecom joined our group last year, becoming part of a fast-growing European UC provider with a mission to give businesses access to the best communication and collaboration tools.

For more information, please read the press release.

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news-963 Tue, 24 Mar 2020 12:03:00 +0100 How to work in the home office https://swyx.com/blog/how-to-work-in-the-home-office.html Tips for you to stay productive and in touch with colleagues Tips for you to stay productive and in touch with colleagues

Working at home not only allows employees to work flexibly, avoid long journeys or better balance family and career, but can also help companies to ensure seamless business continuity in the event of a crisis.

If unforeseeable situations such as the current spread of the corona virus, extreme weather conditions or damage to the office building disrupt the daily (working) life, employees can remain productive at home. In order to achieve this, the following points should be observed:

Staying in contact

Contact with customers, colleagues and partners is indispensable for productive work in many areas. With a unified communications solution such as Swyx’s software, employees are integrated into a company's communications environment regardless of their location. They can make phone calls with a wide range of devices, using only their familiar office number, chat with colleagues and see from their presence status whether the person they want to talk to is available.

Hold meetings online

Collaboration tools such as Swyx Meeting allow you to work with internal or external partners very easily via web or video conference, share your screen or exchange files. This makes coordination much easier and is also more personal. No special equipment is required: users can join an online meeting directly from the web browser of their PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone without having to install additional software or apps. Participants who do not have access to the Internet can also dial in by phone.

Clear communication

Clear agreements on rights, duties and working hours in the home office ensure that both employees and superiors are satisfied with working from home. Companies that want to be well prepared can develop a policy that clearly defines when which employees can work in the home office and describes the different situations in which work should be done at home.

Sudden need for remote work?

If companies need to enable employees to work from home at short notice, working from home can be done without much preparation or regulation. For companies already using a Swyx solution, our Help Center provides technical advice on how to best integrate their home office staff in communication and collaboration.

For companies that are not yet using a suitable UC solution, our website provides a list of certified Swyx partners who can give advice.

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news-938 Wed, 19 Feb 2020 07:36:00 +0100 Swyx Analytics 12: VisualGroups with enhanced reporting features https://swyx.com/blog/swyx-analytics-12-visualgroups-with-enhanced-reporting-features.html Our queue management tool VisualGroups now offers even more statistical reporting features. Our queue management tool VisualGroups now offers even more statistical reporting features.

Swyx Analytics 12 allows you to fully evaluate the call data generated with the VisualGroups queue management tool. Thanks to the queue analysis by aurenz, you can see all key figures at a glance including call volume, average and maximum waiting times and performance of groups and agents.

The individual dashboards of Swyx Analytics enable you to view all important data at any time, thus further increasing the phone availability of your company. Put your analyses of call volume and service quality on your dashboard with just one click.

With Swyx Analytics, missed calls are a thing of the past!

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news-935 Mon, 03 Feb 2020 13:29:00 +0100 Podcast: Swyx and Enreach reaching new heights in the cloud https://swyx.com/blog/podcast-swyx-and-enreach-reaching-new-heights-in-the-cloud.html In this podcast, Swyx Managing Director Dr. Ralf Ebbinghaus speaks to Doug Green, Publisher at Telecom Reseller Publications. In this podcast, Swyx Managing Director Dr. Ralf Ebbinghaus speaks to Doug Green, Publisher at Telecom Reseller Publications about our company's history and latest news, our membership in the Cloud Communications Alliance, the development of Enreach and the opportunities ahead.

Find out how Swyx changes the way businesses communicate and takes reseller value to the next level and listen to the podcast

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news-920 Thu, 23 Jan 2020 11:19:00 +0100 A powerful team – Swyx and MS Teams https://swyx.com/blog/a-powerful-team-swyx-and-ms-teams.html Swyx connects its communications solution with Microsoft Teams! With Swyx, Microsoft Teams gets strong telephony capabilities. This gives users a perfect combination of the central team work platform and the Swyx UC solution - ideal for businesses that want to use not only Microsoft Teams but also Swyx's extensive telephone system functions such as our Extended Call Routing.

Companies that use Microsoft Teams but want to use Swyx's powerful telephony functions for their communications can rely on the optimum interoperability of existing Swyx and Microsoft products. Particularly simple configuration, extensive contact center functions and support for DECT devices and desk telephones are just some of the features that make our solution so valuable for users with both telephony and collaboration focus.

Using a Microsoft-certified Session Border Controller (SBC), Swyx enables users from Microsoft Teams to make calls via the public telephone network. This provides users with powerful Swyx features such as Extended Call Routing (ECR). Detailed rules for handling incoming calls can be defined, for example, when a call is to be diverted to a particular colleague, another department, to a mailbox or to a cell phone. Users also benefit from the integration possibilities of the Swyx solution, which can be connected to CRM or ERP systems, for example. This provides companies with a perfect combination of the central work platform of Microsoft Teams and the powerful, customisable communication solution from Swyx.

Customers who rely on Swyx and Microsoft Teams are also free to choose their preferred SIP trunk provider. This makes the solution ideal for companies that want to keep their existing telecommunications provider.

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news-933 Mon, 16 Dec 2019 13:24:00 +0100 Swyx releases version 12 https://swyx.com/blog/swyx-releases-version-12.html The new version 12 of the Swyx communication solution is now available The new version 12 of the Swyx communication solution is now available.

The release brings a fresh design to the Windows client, a new redundancy concept and feature enhancements for the VisualGroups queue management. Users now have even more interfaces for their specific needs to choose from and benefit from additional features as well as enhanced statistical reporting capabilities in the VisualGroups queue management tool.  

For more information, please read our press release.

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news-861 Fri, 29 Nov 2019 09:06:00 +0100 Marco Crueger wins Channel Champion Award 2019 https://swyx.com/blog/marco-crueger-wins-channel-champion-award-2019.html Congratulations to Marco Crueger – he was voted one of the Channel Champions 2019. Congratulations to Marco Crueger! In this year's reader polls of the trade magazine CRN, our VP Sales made it onto the podium and was voted one of the Channel Champions 2019 by the participating resellers.

During CRN’s "ITK-Spitzentreffen 2019", he received the award as Channel Manager of the year.

Many thanks to everyone who voted for Marco!

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news-929 Mon, 25 Nov 2019 12:32:00 +0100 Enreach adds Spanish B2B cloud comms provider masvoz to the group https://swyx.com/blog/enreach-adds-spanish-b2b-cloud-comms-provider-masvoz-to-the-group.html Our parent company Enreach expands into the Spanish market and adds masvoz to the Group. Our parent company Enreach expands into the Spanish market and adds masvoz to the group.

Masvoz is a leading B2B cloud communications provider in Spain and offers a complete portfolio of products including a cloud-based contact center solution.

For more information, please read our press release.

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news-953 Mon, 04 Nov 2019 12:49:00 +0100 How to use the Graphical Script Editor https://swyx.com/blog/how-to-use-the-graphical-script-editor.html With Swyx's Graphical Script Editor you can create extensive speech dialog systems. With the Graphical Script Editor you can create extensive speech dialog systems.

For example, callers can be forwarded to chosen departments by clicking certain keys on the phone. All action sequences are completely individual, according to your own needs and application scenarios. The user-friendly user interface ensures that actions can be created quickly and easily. Why don't you give it a try?

More information can be found on the Swyx website or in the Swyx Information Package.

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news-922 Thu, 31 Oct 2019 11:36:00 +0100 Enreach acquires Danish service provider M Mobility https://swyx.com/blog/enreach-acquires-danish-service-provider-m-mobility.html Enreach, the group of companies to which Swyx belongs, strengthens its position in the European IT and telecommunications markets with the acquisition of M Mobility. Welcome to the Group M Mobility! Enreach, the group of companies to which Swyx belongs, strengthens its position in the European IT and telecommunications markets with the acquisition of M Mobility A/S (‘M Mobility’), a dedicated full-service provider of B2B telco solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises (‘SME’) in Denmark.

Enreach CEO Stijn Nijhuis (centre) with Charles Ginnerskov (left), CEO of ipnordic A/S, and M Mobility's Søren Mathiesen Hass (right). Both companies belonging to Enreach will ensure future growth in the Danish market.

For more information, read the complete press release.

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news-927 Thu, 24 Oct 2019 12:24:00 +0200 Swyx Partner and Technology Conference 2019 – check out the video https://swyx.com/blog/swyx-partner-and-technology-conference-2019-check-out-the-video.html WE WILL ROCK YOU - The video of the Swyx Partner and Technology Conference 2019 is online! The video of the Swyx Partner and Technology Conference 2019 is now online!

Under the motto WE WILL ROCK YOU, Swyx had prepared a diversified mix of news and background information, lectures and interactive discussions, show and networking to not only inform its partners but above all to inspire them. The extraordinary atmosphere at the Colosseum Theater in Essen, one of the most spectacular industrial monuments in the Ruhr area, provided the perfect setting for exciting insights into the latest developments at Swyx.

The new version 12 of Swyx‘s communication solution, a simplified licensing model and the announcement of the new group name Enreach were among the highlights of the event.

Watch the video here: 

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news-955 Fri, 23 Aug 2019 13:09:00 +0200 Swyx Call Routing https://swyx.com/blog/swyx-call-routing.html Call forwarding made easy with the integrated Call Routing Manager. Call forwarding made easy with the integrated Call Routing Manager. Do you regularly leave the office at certain times, but don't want your customers' calls to go unanswered? With the help of the rule wizard, calls can be forwarded depending on specific times or weekdays. Call forwarding based on calendar information or presence status is also possible without problems.

A small practical example:
Suppose you have a lunch break from 12:00 to 12:45 every day and do not want to be disturbed during this time. In the meantime, the calls should be answered by your colleague. This rule can be easily created with a few clicks.

Of course, the rules also work in any other scenario, e.g. with redirection to your own mobile phone.

This function is integrated in your SwyxIt! by default. You can find them via the menu item "Settings" - Call Routing Manager. Just give it a try. 

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