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SwyxExpress is the hardware bundle for small and mediumsized enterprises with preinstalled and licensed Microsoft Windows Server, preinstalled SwyxWare and preinstalled ISDN card. Hardware and software come directly from the software manufacturer, ensuring that these components are optimally matched. SwyxExpress is available in three variants: X20 is designed for use in smaller networks with up to twenty users. SwyxExpress X75 and X150 can manage up to seventy-five and one hundred and fifty users respectively, and – depending on the configuration with ISDN cards – are also suitable for expanding existing installations quickly and easily to provide a failsafe standby system.

Main advantages of SwyxExpress

  • Hardware is optimally matched to the system requirements, and tested by Swyx
  • No installation effort, thanks to preinstalled software
  • SwyxExpress already includes the operating system license, which only has to be activated with Microsoft after installation
  • Microsoft Windows Server Telco Edition does not need any additional licenses, such as e.g. Client Access Licenses
  • SwyxExpress can be expanded with other Swyx add-on products within the scope of the hardware specifications
SwyxExpress X20
SwyxExpress X20

Features of SwyxExpress

Features SwyxExpress X20 SwyxExpress X75/X150
Supported voice channels 8 channels 8, 16, 30 or 28 channels
Case Midi tower Rack mounted (19", 3 RU), incl. Rackmount Kit
Max. number of users 20 75/150*
Operating system Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Telco Edition Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Telco Edition
Certified CE conformant, GreenIT (80 plus), certified Server Hardware CE conformant, GreenIT (80 plus), certified Server Hardware
Use as Standby system No Yes (needs additional SQL server license)

* For installations with more than 150 users, SwyxWare can be installed on individual server hardware. You will find a detailed description of the system requirements in the support area in the knowledgebase article "Hardware Recommendations" (kb4496).

SwyxExpress X75 and X150
SwyxExpress X75 and X150

Options for SwyxExpress

Options SwyxExpress X20 SwyxExpress X75/X150
RAID RAID1 RAID controller incl. additional harddisk, removable drive cage, hotswap
PCIe ISDN boards Quad BRI with 8 voice channels Quad BRI, 2 Quad BRI, Single PRI with 30 channels, Quad BRI + Single PRI, Dual PRI, Quad BRI + Dual PRI