SwyxWare Options

Easily extend SwyxWare with software options

The SwyxWare software platform is designed to meet the requirements of the medium-large sized business and the smaller business with plans to grow. SwyxWare provides full flexibility for established and growing customers by maximising the options that can be chosen.

The following options are available for SwyxWare:

  • SwyxConference
    Set up and run ad hoc conferences and dial-in conferences with any number of internal and external participants.
  • SwyxECR
    With the help of the Graphical Script Editor (GSE), actions and rules can be visually presented and easily edited. Creation of speech dialogue systems (IVR) then becomes child‘s play.
  • SwyxFax
    Use of central server-based fax services with any PC. Every user can receive faxes and send them from any application with a print function. The administration is seamlessly integrated into the SwyxWare management console.
  • SwyxMobile
    Integration of mobile phones with the One-Number and One-Voicemail concepts. Mobile use of telephony functions such as call swap, conference, recording, call forwarding, voicemail retrieval.
  • SwyxRecord
    Recording function that lets any user record and save conversations with the SwyxIt! communication client. Recordings can be easily managed, reheard at any time oand forwarded to other colleagues via email, for example.
  • SwyxStandby
    Organisations with special failure-safety requirements have the option of installing an additional Swyx standby server. Possible downtimes, due to a hardware fault or upcoming essential maintenance, for example, are then reduced to a minimum. SwyxStandby guarantees that an alternative server will be available within seconds, and that regular synchronising between the primary and secondary server will keep all configuration data and information up to date.
  • SwyxMonitor
    Permanent recording of incoming or outgoing external calls, silent call monitoring/intrusion - ideal for training purposes and in call centre environments.
  • Option Pack for Lotus Notes
    Integration into IBM® Lotus Notes®, calendar-based call forwarding, dialling from any contact database, call number identification.