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About the Swyx Partner Programme

The Swyx Partner Programme offers three levels of accreditation for resellers: Swyx Solution Partner, Swyx Silver Partner and Swyx Gold Partner.
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Swyx Partners receive many benefits as the Swyx Partner Programme has been designed to reward according to a reseller's investment in distributing the SwyxWare product portfolio. The programme recognises and rewards three main areas of achievement: Customer Excellence, Business Partnership and Marketing Innovation, all designed to encourage customer best practice, reward investment in Swyx technical and sales expertise, as well as promote marketing to help improve revenue and business performance.

Customer Excellence

With the Swyx Partner Programme a reseller will gain the ability to provide effective pre-sales advice and technical support by attending one of the dedicated Swyx training courses. Swyx sales training courses provide knowledge about product positioning, demonstration methods and sales messaging.

Business Partnership

Work together with Swyx in partnership. Take advantage of priority access to information, sales tools and the latest product and services information from Swyx. Through participation in this programme and partner status, you will be able to demonstrate to your customers your added skills and expertise, endorsed by Swyx.

Marketing Innovation

Increase your ability to gain awareness in the market and generate leads for your pipeline. The Swyx Partner Programme provides marketing funds to all active Swyx Silver and Gold Partners on a quarterly basis, as well as additional funding through the Swyx Marketing Acceleration programme. Take advantage of this funding to plan and execute marketing activities and campaigns, purchase marketing collaterals or receive regular customer leads to follow up. As part of this programme you will also have access to an online marketing toolkit to help implement marketing activities quickly and efficiently.

Become a Swyx Partner

The Swyx Partner Programme aims to reward our partners for the investment they make in marketing, selling and supporting Swyx products, as well as to help differentiate from other partners based on their partner status achieved, customer offering and level of Swyx expertise. Becoming a member of this programme will give you priority access to Swyx information and training, keep you up to date with the latest product developments, provide access to marketing funding support and sales and marketing tools, as well as include you as part of a larger community of Swyx partners, where ideas and experiences can be shared.

What do you need to have to become a Swyx partner?
The Swyx Partner Programme offers three levels of accreditation: Swyx Solution Partner, Swyx Silver Partner and Swyx Gold Partner. Each level carries minimum criteria and a minimum quarterly point target, which must be achieved and maintained over three consecutive quarters to remain at your designated level.

  • Minimum Training Criteria
    The entry level to the Swyx Partner Programme requires you to have a minimum number of Swyx technical engineers and trained sales people on staff. A Swyx Solution Partner will start off with the participation of one person in a 3 day authorisation course. The requirement for silver and gold status will be progressively higher, to reflect the greater technical and sales expertise of that partner.
  • Minimum Points Requirement
    A well balanced points systems is the core of the valuation principles in the Swyx Partner Programme. In participating countries points can be earned through the accredited trained personnel, marketing initiatives (e.g. case studies, press releases), sales and registration of Swyx software products, where each product carries a specific point value.To reach a higher status a partner is required to achieve a minimum number of points per quarter and according to the points earned, will receive marketing rewards funding.

Benefits of being a Swyx Partner
You'll receive many benefits when you become a Swyx partner, as the programme has been designed to reward according to the investment you make in Swyx. As part of this programme, Swyx will undertake joint marketing activities with you and help develop your market by creating brand awareness and business lead generation.

Key benefits

  • Marketing funds to spend on joint marketing campaigns, based on the points earned
  • Greater recognition in the market place through joint branding of the Swyx Solution Partner, Silver and Gold Partner status
  • Priority access to Swyx information, training and sales support resources
  • Joint marketing activities and branding, including access to ready-prepared marketing materials, programmes and collaterals
  • Marketing and sales tools for fast and effective business development
  • Access to the Swyx Partner Net, where you can share your ideas and experiences and access privileged information
  • Special pricing on own use software and software update services
  • Access to partner events that include specialised training and marketing days as well as technical/business advisory groups where you can give direct feedback to Swyx on future plans and developments

Get started!
Swyx Distribution Partners train network and telecommunication retailers on a regular basis and by that award to them the status of Swyx Solution Partners.

For further information please contact one of our distributors or send an email to partnernet(at)

Swyx Training Programme

Swyx understands how important it is to keep up to date on the latest technology developments. Knowledge is power, and your staff are only as powerful as the knowledge they hold. With this in mind, the Swyx Training Programme was created to impart a steady, consistent, quality driven hierarchy of knowledge covering both the technical and sales aspects of the SwyxWare product range.

Personnel requirements for Swyx Partners.
Personnel requirements for Swyx Partners.

Swyx Certification is on an individual basis

Swyx training courses start at the 'Associate' level for both technical and sales information, followed by the 'Technical Professional' and 'Technical Expert' levels. Each course follows a consistent and quality benchmarked methodology, and at the end of each course the individual is rewarded with a Swyx technical and/or sales certification that is individual to them.

Swyx Training courses are run by Swyx and authorised Swyx distributors and are aimed at companies who wish to become an authorised Swyx reseller or move to a higher status in the Swyx Partner Programme.

For further information and training costs, please contact the authorized distribution.

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SwyxWare Technical Authorisation Course


KOMSA NordWest GmbH

3 days


SwyxWare Technical Authorisation Course


KOMSA NordWest GmbH

3 days