Authorised Swyx Resellers

Swyx Partners are certified network or telecommunication retailers which have been trained by Swyx and therefore are authorised to distribute Swyx products. Their skills allow them to support users as well in technical as in sales matters:

  • Swyx Gold Partners have demonstrated their intensive knowledge of Swyx products in many projects. They have at least one Swyx Certified Technical Expert who has been extensively trained in the complete SwyxWare product portfolio.
  • Swyx Silver Partners have demonstrated their knowledge of SwyxWare in multiple projects. They have at least one Swyx Certified Technical Professional who has received both basic training and training on the most important parts of the Swyx product portfolio.
  • Swyx Solution Partners are certified resellers. They have at least one Swyx Certified Technical Associate who has been trained on the most important, main components of the SwyxWare portfolio.

Swyx Gold Partner

Partner is Swyx Gold Partner

A Swyx Gold Partner is the ideal partner for large, multisite installations, or projects where there is demand for a high level of integration with the existing application infrastructure, or where there is a requirement to customise SwyxWare.

The following 2 Swyx Gold Partners are located in Switzerland:


ZIP / City

acdalis solution ag

Swyx Partner AwardSwyx Partner Award

5432 Neuenhof

agdacom, AG fuer Daten-Communication

8600 Dübendorf

Swyx Solution Partner

Partner is Swyx Solution Partner

A Swyx Solution Partner is the ideal regional partner for enterprises that prefer a local personal contact for their SwyxWare solution. Swyx Solution Partners very often have special knowledge about vertical applications or other kinds of technical specialisation.

163 Swyx Solution Partners were located in Switzerland: