Swyx Investors

Nedamco Capital

Nedamco Capital is a privately-held, international investment company, based in Bloemendaal, The Netherlands. Its origins go back to Nedamco Corporation, a US-based global technology development- and investment company, active in 55 countries and founded by Dutch entrepreneurs.


The T-Systems Venture Fund was founded in July 2004 and manages €50 million of corporate venture capital - for all T-Systems' businesses worldwide. The Fund’s purpose is to generate capital gains as well as giving them access to innovative products, technologies and solutions developed by start-up companies.

The investments of the T-Systems Venture Fund are part of T-Systems´ business strategy and enable the opportunity for all involved parties to benefit from the synergies of close cooperation. In order to identify scalable and sustainable business models and to manage the portfolio of the T-Systems Venture Fund, its professionals are skilled in industry, management and technology competence.

Overall T-Systems Venture Fund is known as a strategic investor for all start-ups as well as other investments in the ICT market.

The fund has the two primary objectives - strategic and financial. The fund seeks leading edge technologies and solutions that will make T-Systems and its corporate customers more competitive by expanding and improving the product portfolio of T-Systems. The fund seeks to partner with entrepreneurs who have innovative and scalable business ideas that complement T-Systems, and assists them in building profitable and sustainable operations.

Beside the pure strategic investment criteria, the other key element of investment decisions is capital gain. The fund invests in companies that have the greatest potential to achieve sustainable profitability and that offer attractive exit opportunities through a trade sale or IPO. These objectives are achieved by investing directly as lead- or co-investor in start-up companies with experienced management teams and scalable business models.

Wellington Partners

Wellington Partners is one the most successful pan-European venture capital firms. With € 800 million under management and offices in London, Munich, Palo Alto and Zurich, the firm invests into companies throughout Europe that have the potential to become global leaders, in the areas of Information Technology, Media Convergence, Cleantech and Life Science. Since 1998, Wellington has established a worldwide network to aid its entrepreneurs in building companies on a global scale. In this period, Wellington Partners has invested in more than 100 companies.